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Welcome to the Ηeart of a Diamond.

Welcome to the new service offered by MONOGYIOS 1952 stores.
What would you say if someone told you that what you know about diamonds you can now see at a glance?
For the first time in Greece, the Open Heart Diamonds by MONOGYIOS 1952 service comes to facilitate all potential diamond buyers to understand all 4Cs. To understand with their own eyes what purity & clarity means for diamonds-what cut but also to see exactly what a professional sees with the special lens, which they themselves could not for years. It is now possible to penetrate inside a diamond and understand its quality. The fully trained staff of our stores from gemologists and diamondologists can present and highlight every aspect of a diamond.
The Open Heart Diamonds service by MONOGYIOS 1952 was created and developed exclusively in the central gemological laboratories of the company MONOGYIOS 1952 CERTIFIED DIAMONDS in Greece.

By purchasing a diamond from our stores along with the certification of the precious stone of your dreams, you receive the photo with its heart in digital form. Inside, all the inclusions and any signs that characterize it and make it unique in the whole world appear very clearly.

Now your diamond has its own identity.

With the most modern and contemporary tools and equipment of the new generation, you are given the opportunity to deepen in the diamond market and gain a superior experience in the purchase of a single stone ring and more.
So ask our experienced staff to highlight the stone under the microscope as well as the laser inscripted code of GIA for certified stones from the international gemological organization.

The Process.

-At MONOYIOS 1952 we are very cautious and we empisize in selecting excellent quality diamonds.As you have reached the final point of choice of stone and design for your diamond jewelry, we place with absolute care the diamond  in special lenses that exceed 10X magnification in order to be easy to locate all the inclusions.

Then we place our stone in the right place and capture the heart of the diamond in your presence.

Upon completion, we send you in electronic form the photo with the inside of the diamond you have chosen.

The New Era of Buying Diamonds has just Begun!